Monday, May 01, 2006

American Idol star was soaped

From an article in the Charlotte Observer about Kellie Pickler:

Kellie's grandparents Clyde and Faye Pickler, who raised her in a modest, loving home whenever her father was imprisoned, regained custody of her in 1997 after filing a court petition that alleged her mother used "inappropriate methods of discipline including excessive corporal punishment and requiring the minor child to drink and swallow liquid soap."

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Coming Clean With Cassie

I didn't always like oral sex.  Don't get me wrong - I like to eat
pussy, and the ladies tell me that I'm really good at it. What I
mean is that I wasn't much turned on by a blow job. It felt good,
yes, but it wasn't something that would float my boat, so to speak.

Until I met my girlfriend Cassie.

The way Cassie does it just drives me wild. One thing that helps is
that Cassie has braces on her teeth. I have always thought braces
were sexy. The other thing is that she doesn't just jump right in
and expect me to cum in ten seconds. She varies her technique quite
a bit, always looking for new ways to get a rise out of me.

Typically she'll lightly run her fingers all around my testicles and
my erection. She will tease and prod and manipulate with her hands
and fingers. Only when I'm rock hard will she take me in her mouth.
I love the slurpy noises she makes. She will very messily work up
copious amounts of dribble as she uses her whole mouth to stimulate
me. Some of the dribble oozes from her mouth around her lips and
drips down her chin. She frequently pulls out and away from me for a
moment to "come up for air", with a sticky string of liquid intact
from the inside of her mouth to my raging hardon. After a few
repetitions of this I often can't hold back and will spurt copiously
in her mouth while she lets it all run out.

I remember one time very vividly. Cassie had teased me for quite
some time, and the dribble was oozing out of her mouth. Then she
slowly plunged forward all the way until the tip of my erection was
well into her throat. She smiled, with me all the way in her. That
was all it took. I ejaculated profusely. She had to fight the gag
reflex while I pulsed and spurted into her.

Recently Cassie has become rather foul-mouthed. I normally don't
care, but sometimes it really gets on my nerves. The other day
Cassie kept on with the profanity after I asked her not to. I think
she was pushing me to see what her limits were, and she kept on after
I warned her that I'd wash her mouth out with soap if she kept it up.
Perhaps Cassie thought it was just a figure of speech. Anyway, I
told her "That's it! You are getting a much overdue mouth soaping!"

I took Cassie by the hand and led her to the kitchen. Then I got a
medium sized plastic bowl out and retrieved a bar of Ivory soap. As
I put some water into the bowl I told Cassie to get one of the
kitchen chairs and bring it over to the sink.

Just then the doorbell rang. It was Stacy, a friend of Cassie's from
work. "Hi Rick," she said brightly, "I was on my way to the mall and
thought I'd drop by and see if Cassie wanted to go. Is she here?"

"Come in, Stacy," I said, opening the screen door for her. "Cassie's
here, yes, but she won't be available for a little while. You see,
she's about to be punished."

Stacy got a very interested look on her face. "Punished?"

"Yes, I'm going to wash her mouth out with soap. Come on into the
living room and wait for her. She'll be ready in a while. Wold you
like a soda?"

"No thanks, I'm okay."

Stacy was seated where she could not see Cassie, but could hear
everything that went on. "I want you to take off your panties before
we start," I told Cassie, and watched while she pulled her panties
down and stepped out of them. Since she was wearing a rather short
skirt, that task was easily accomplished. I wadded up her panties
and put them in one of my pockets.

"I should give you a bare bottom spanking in addition to your mouth
soaping," I told her in a voice that was calculated so that Stacy
could hear. Cassie was seated on the chair right by the sink, with
her legs pressed tightly together and her hands in between her knees.

I placed the bar of soap into the bowl of water and worked up a good
lather. "Open your mouth now, Cassie," I said as I brought a handful
of foamy and sudsy lather toward her.

"Aaaaahhnngaaaaahh," she exclaimed as I put the lather into her
mouth. I worked the soap around her tongue, on the roof of her
mouth, and around all sides of her teeth and braces.

I worked up another batch of lather for her. Cassie shook her head
as I was getting ready to soap her again. "Open!" I said. She just
looked at me. "Come on and open, or I'll give you a bare bottom
paddling in front of Stacy!"

She reluctantly opened her mouth and I added the fresh soap lather
and worked it into all the recesses of her mouth. I admit I was
getting fairly aroused by handling her mouth this way.

"Gmmmmmmfffff!" was her reaction as my fingers worked their way all
around the inside of her mouth for a few moments.

"Now you just stay there until I tell you to rinse," I ordered. The
scent of Ivory was permeating the air, and some foamy bubbles messily
dribbled down her chin. I spread her knees apart and inserted my
index finger into her pussy - she was very wet, and squirmed as I
played with her down there.

Cassie must have noticed how aroused I was. She reached over and
loosened my jeans and tugged them and my briefs down until my rod was
pointing straight out. Then she took me into her soapy mouth and,
with white foamy dribble and slurpy sounds escaping from her lips,
gave me an exquisite blowjob. I started to spurt inside her mouth.
With gleaming eyes she actively sucked on my pulsing ejaculation
while I had to restrain my vocal reaction so that Stacy would not

When I recovered I had her scoot forward so that her pussy was more
accessible under her skirt. Then I knelt down in front of her and
sucked and licked on her pussy until she climaxed. Cassie still had
the soapy solution, now mixed with my cum, in her mouth.
"Mmmmmmmhmmmmfffff! Gmmmmmhmmmmm! Mmmmmmm!" she exclaimed as her
orgasm took hold.

I pulled up my jeans and let Cassie rinse. She rinsed for several
minutes, after which she said she could still taste the soap. I told
her the taste would probably go away in a few hours and led her out
to the living room where Stacy was. I don't know how much Stacy knew
of what went on other than the mouth soaping, but she smiled

With Cassie and Stacy at the mall, I did some things around the
house. I needed to go to the store, and when I reached in my pocket
for my car keys, I wondered for an instant what this other thing was
in my pocket. I chuckled as I pulled out Cassie's panties.

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Monday, April 24, 2006

A thorough washing out


Found at Cruella

Bad, foul-mouthed boys really do require a good mouthsoaping from their Disciplinarians!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

A soapy mouthful

The next best thing to spending a summer's day on a soapy piece of plastic? Why, having pure soap poured down your throat of course :)


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